Nebular Murcia Gran Vía

Nebular Murcia Gran Vía


Nebular Murcia Gran Vía is a space dedicated to provide closer coverage to our customers in the region. Located at the intersection between the iconic Calle Platería and the bustling Gran Vía in Murcia.

It is a physical workplace for teams that prefer it. It also has Workspaces, an extensive open office, a fully equipped kitchen and a digital fabrication workshop/laboratory.




An open office organizes teams in a common but individualized space.

Professional services and projects company


A communication structure designed to communicate with speed, quality and scale.

Communication / Marketing Agency in Murcia


A warehouse and digital fabrication lab to meet customer and internal needs.

A 3D printing solution in Murcia

Local Partners

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Our Nebular Murcia Gran Vía office acts as our head office. We mainly offer full or 360º Communication Agency services. Also Marketing, video recording and editing. It even has a space for modeling and digital fabrication or 3D printing. 

We cover all the needs of our clients in the Region of Murcia. We also serve our national and international clients. In other words, a complete marketing, communication and digital marketing services company. 

Moreover, it has Workspaces, an extensive open office, a kitchen, a small digital additive manufacturing laboratory and a large capacity warehouse.

Services covered

Comprehensive communication services consist of the following main pillars:

  • Graphic Design
  • Audiovisual production
  • Brand and digital profile management
  • Paid Media
  • Web development
  • 3D Printing Service

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