Video Production


We have a team with cinematic quality accompanied by a staff with years of experience and always innovating in the sector.

Thanks to our knowledge in productions for social networks and digital distribution, we work adapted to produce with speed, exigency and scale.

Audiovisual production is essential for any company today, and we have made it more efficient.

Main Applications


All Media

An ideal use for video is in social networks, and we know them very well.


Where our model is put to the test, with unprecedented quality, speed and scale.


Our teams are skilled at telling a good story well.

Types of Production

There are many types of productions we do. They can be physically recorded on location, animated from our headquarters, or even produced remotely; or a combination of several. Depending on the type of work we organize our equipment and procedure.

Physical recording

This type of production is the “standard” of video and photo. It is about using cameras and microphones to document a moment audiovisually. With a good brief/plan and our team behind it, it is an ideal format.

Animation and VFX (Video)

This type of animation is generated by an artist and a computer. They are image-like models, which are animated similar to a cartoon. Sometimes they are also called “explainers” if they are explanatory of a subject. In some cases they are inserted into physically recorded videos to explain a segment better.

This manages to elevate your audiovisual production to the next level, with an artistic format, and responsive. Responsive because any animation is usually vectorial and therefore you can use individual parts (without background for example) in photos, web page, social networks… something complex in a recording of people.

Our group of experts, artists and animators is equipped with tools and software to bring concepts to life for our clients.