Graphic Design

The Mekkanosaurus have escaped!

Mekkanosaurus is a MundiCollections collection of robotic dinosaurs. Each of the dinosaurs is detachable, with each flowpack including a screwdriver and the necessary parts to create your own dreaded dinosaur robot.

A key part of this collection is that you can create a giant dinosaur robot by joining different parts of each of the Mekkanosaurus.

From Nebular we managed and developed the integral communication of this launch. From a website to an advertising spot. This collection has a very strong personality, differentiating itself very well from the rest of the collections. This allows us to work in a unique point of attention and focus our deliverables to MundiCollections in giving that strength and personality also to the advertising part of Mekkanosaurus, as well as its web page. 

Spot de Mekkanosaurus
Web de Mekkanosaurus
PC con Spot de Mekkanosaurus

Dinosaurs arrive as you’ve never seen them before

We worked together with MundiCollections to create an identity that would stand out from the rest of the collections. Thanks to a customised website, where we can find the different types of Mekkanosaurus models that can be purchased through the online shop. We also made an advertising spot in which we combined the power of Motion Graphic with that of an Audiovisual Production with shots recorded especially for the occasion. We managed to have a complete product, full of personality and small nuances that make it unique. With everything we had learned about this brand, and with the study that MundiCollections carried out on their part, before the launch of the series, it was expected to be a success.

Robots in the shape of dinosaurs is something never seen before in the toy market. After market research, we knew it was a product that could generate the famous WOW Effect.

The collection was expected to be a great success, and it was. In fact, in October 2022 the new Mekkanosaurus MEGA XXL Edition collection was released.

This collection brings us new dinosaurs and, moreover, in a much larger size than its predecessor.