3D Printing – Jewelry

Biodegradable Earrings are Born with 3D Printing

This is a 3D printing project that was created with the collaboration of the influencer Abbey C. The project consisted of totally personalised earrings for Abbey, so that all her followers could have them. There are different shapes and a wide range of colours to choose the one that best suits each personality. 

Todos los pendientes juntos

For its manufacture, additive technology was used, starting the process with just a few sketches on paper, which then went on to create their shapes in 3D and, finally, came the 3D printing.

In order to achieve the final result, different strength and durability tests were necessary, seeking to offer a valuable product. It is after these tests that the first collection of Biodegradable Earrings by Abbey C was born.

Many influencers have different sources of income and in Abbey’s case it is an online shop where she offers her followers products according to the tastes of her audience.

Abbey C tells us that “I had the idea of coming up with a product to wear on top, for a party or more formal wear”. That’s when we talked to her about additive technology and its advantages. 3D printers opened up a new world of simple manufacturing, and could be harnessed for her audience. In addition, because of its low cost, proximity and new materials, it gave us a lot of creative freedom and coincided with the values of her personal brand. The idea of earrings was born, with the aim of being wearable, interchangeable and eye-catching.
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