El Invernadero Restaurant – Rodrigo de la Calle

El Invernadero, by Rodrigo de la Calle

El Invernadero Restaurant, one of the most famous restaurants of Michelin Star and Green Star chef Rodrigo de la Calle. Located on Calle Ponzano in Madrid, its main protagonists are vegetables. With a very specific philosophy, which respects the life cycles of each seasonality of its products and proximity 0, working only with local products.

El Invernadero’s kitchen experiments with new products, creating forgotten flavours and taking green cuisine to its maximum expression. El Invernadero, however, is an omnivorous restaurant, where animal protein is used as a garnish for the main dishes. But not only unique dishes are created, El Invernadero also creates its own drinks. Wine, kombucha, mistela, tepache? A wide variety of homemade drinks designed for the perfect pairing for each dish.

We can also taste 4 different types of menu. Each person with each type of taste has a menu designed for the greatest possible enjoyment of Rodrigo de la Calle’s cuisine.

Menú Azul, Branding de El Invernadero
Menú Rojo, Branding de El Invernadero
Menú Verde, Branding de El Invernadero
Menú vegetalia, Branding de El Invernadero

The work done for El Invernadero Restaurant

We work with Rodrigo de la Calle to manage El Invernadero’s social networks. We also work on advertisements for the restaurant, as well as the publications of its menus, the mentions that the media make about the restaurant, or the most important communiqués that Rodrigo de la Calle launches from El Invernadero.

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