Elastic Squad, a MundiCollections collection of super-stretchy, super-stretchy characters.

Elastic Squad, the new collection from MundiCollections, brings us warriors from all eras and aliens from all planets. With Elastic Squad Warriors we bring to life the most feared warriors in history. Elastic Squad, together with Tredimals, is one of the largest collections in MundiCollections. With Alienix Elastic Squad we can fight the strongest aliens in the whole universe – all the characters in the collection are super stretchable! MundiCollections has many more collections, all of them designed for the fun and enjoyment of the little ones. Don’t hesitate to visit their website to discover all their releases.


Communication for Elastic Squad

Each collection has its own page where they are given their own separate personalities. While the Warriors are more inspired by the past they come from, the Alienix have a more futuristic, outer space-centric theme. To support the filming of the commercials, a series of 3D printed elements were also created to help form a backdrop that supports the idea of these fighters. In addition to the design, web development and 3D printing, we must also add the photography and audiovisual production services. An integral communication provided by Nebular with very satisfactory results. To this day, MundiCollections continues to rely on our services for each of its launches, whether in Spain or internationally.


Astro 5, un ElasticSquad de MundiCollections

The MundiCollections collections are characterised by very bright colours and this is how we create their content, with the target audience in mind. The pages within the website are also dynamic, with moving headers and very striking and saturated Call To Actions.