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Emons Adventure, an animated series for adventurous children

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Go into Moland and experience the adventures of Kim, Tita and Brus!


Emons Adventure of Moland is an animated series for children that tells the story of the characters Kim, Tita and Brus. These three children take advantage of their summer holidays to discover the world of Moland. Moland is a world inhabited by beings called Emons and where the evil Doc-T wants to get hold of them all to build an army of Electros. Emons genetically modified to build robots that do his bidding.
Nebular was commissioned to do all the production of the series, prototyping, web development, content for RRSS and the Paid Media part of the brand.
The games and toys industry is a key sector for us. 

In addition to the 7 episodes of the series, a wide variety of other resources were created: intro and outro of the episodes, promotional trailer of the series, teaser, lyric video… The production of the series was a long work in which we had to start from the StoryBoard and the illustrations of the MundiCollections team, being our job to animate each of the scenes of the series.

The animation of Emons Adventure has been a challenge for me. A project in which we have not stopped expanding what can be done with animation.

Irene Viera. Motion Graphics

The animation and audiovisual production process carried out by our team was a conscientious work, taking care of the smallest detail of each episode. Every expression of each character was studied to give the series the greatest possible credibility. 
Both the humans and the Emons, including the Electros, have a personality of their own, and this is reflected both in the dialogue and in every gesture they make.  
Emons, presentación de personaje de Tita

⸺ Launching a video series

We work entirely on the production and launch of a series/product on the market, with all that this entails: marketing strategy, market research, social media management, etc.

⸺ Video Production

We were in charge of animating all the episodes of the series. Receiving the storytelling sketches and the different images of each episode, our animation team was in charge of bringing each of the characters, environments and situations to life.

⸺ Prototyping

We also did all the prototyping for the Merchandising part of the brand. Either online or from a kiosk, children can buy a Flowpack which includes a random figure and a Leaflet explaining the Lore of that character.

⸺ Web Development

We created a website where all the characters are presented, where you can watch all the episodes and also where you can access the purchase of each of the brand’s products. A dynamic and colourful website where you can learn more about Moland and each of its members.