Year: 2022   Client: Fresh Kitchen – Bakkavor Group   Servicios: Audiovisual Production, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design

Fresh Kitchen and the convenience of ready meals

Bakkavor’s Fresh Kitchen brand, a company located in Shanghai and Hong Kong, is responsible for the marketing of ready meals, especially prepared soups, but very rich in nutrients and vitamins, without neglecting the taste at any time. This brand contacted Nebular in order to boost its presence both in the Asian market and in the networks of this continent.

To do so, Nebular used all our communication skills. Video productions were created showing their products and their main targets: 
Workers with no time to cook
Athletes who wanted a healthy diet
A series of eye-catching Motion Graphics were also created to position the Fresh Kitchen brand above its competitors in terms of product advertising. These videos showed how easy it is to consume FK products, using simple and friendly illustrations that also conveyed the brand values. Nebular has an international team capable of synchronising across the world’s major time zones. This allows it to tailor deliverables and is ideal for communicating directly with customers in real time.
Story animado para Fresh Kitchen (Bakkavor)
Imagen de proyecto de Fresh Kitchen