Client: Gong cha – Year: 2022 –  Services: Diseño gráfico, Producción Audiovisual

Brewing Happiness! Communication for Gong cha Tea and its Bubble Tea

Gong cha tea decides to further grow its brand on Social Networks and talk about each of its openings around the world. To do so, it requires Audiovisual Production and Paid Media work, although some Graphic Design projects are also born.

Gong cha currently has more than 1,600 franchises worldwide. Since its beginnings in 2006, they have not stopped growing and continue to open franchises all over the world. They count on us for the production of videos of their international openings as well as for internal communication videos. The relationship with Gong cha Tea goes back a long way, doing the first job for them in 2020. Since then we have been characterised by the relationship of both companies, doing projects together with excellent results.

Gong cha es numero 1 en los premios de Franquicias
Presentación de Videos
Boston, Lisbon, Brussels… These are just a few examples of videos edited and post-produced by Nebular for this brand, generally contacting its London headquarters to communicate its openings around the world. Graphic design work has also been commissioned to announce the award given by Entrepreneur for being the best company in the world in the Bubble Tea category.
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