New designs for Mimaflor, a way to rediscover the brand and bring it closer to more people.

Social media is a very important factor when it comes to making yourself known to the world, but to do so you need to reach your audience, and not only that, but also to make that “loyal user” grow in number. All this can be measured with Engagement, and for every brand it is positive to have a high Engagement, as this will mean that your message reaches more people. At Mimaflor they trust us to audit their social networks and ensure that this Engagement improves over time.

To do this, at Nebular we create a marketing plan and create content that is increasingly focused on a target audience. Mimaflor’s target is very clear and that is the sector we want to address with our publications.

Imagen Story de Primaflor

⸺ Responsive Content

Content for networks needs to be easily adaptable to other platforms or other formats within the same platform. This will make it easier to reach more people either through other networks or through the wider reach of, for example, Instagram stories.

⸺ Extreamly Valuable Content

We have to give each user content that they really need. Whether it is learning, entertaining or informative, a user will be loyal to the brand as long as you give them valuable content that is truly worthwhile.

⸺ Brand value

We cannot lose, at any time, the value of the Mimaflor brand. That is why our designs will always bear in mind the corporate colours of the brand, as well as its philosophy.

⸺ Any type of content

TikTok’s network is growing and the rest of the competition is doing its best to look more and more like TikTok. With this trend in mind, we do not only create static content, but also very dynamic Reels and Stories that attract the attention of the entire audience.