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Full service communication for MundiCollections

MundiCollections is a company with many years behind it. Formerly known as MundiCromo, it was one of the most famous national companies in the sale of stickers. With time and the need to renew itself, MundiCollections was born, with the mission of bringing the best toys, also created by themselves, to the most demanding customers: children. It also expands internationally, with sales in Portugal and Italy, without neglecting the Spanish market. We carried out an integral communication project for MundiCollections, covering their needs for Web Development, Paid Media, Graphic Design, Audiovisual Production and, above all, Web Development.

MundiCollections has a large number of toy collections on the international market. Given all these characteristics, MundiCollections needed a place where all of its projects could be covered and sold online, giving way to an evolution of the brand on a commercial level. And that is where Nebular came into play. We gave the option of a multisite website in which we found 3 different pages within the same website: MundiCollections Global, MundiCollections Spain and MundiCollections Italy. Each one of them has its own shopping website depending on the location of the user who is going to make the purchase. 

We maintain a weekly web management service, updating with each launch both the website and the product part of the e-commerce. We also do a weekly web maintenance review to correct any 404 errors, redirects or broken links.

MundiCollections and Nebular, a bilateral relationship in full swing

The relationship with MundiCollections has been progressing day by day, and they have been able to carry out projects outside the web, such as packaging or photography services for the sales of their products on Amazon, a market that MundiCollections has entered fully in order to be able to bring their toys to the whole world.