Detalle fondo de mar de paella

A passion for detailed cooking reflected in the new Paella Power branding.

Paella Power, began its journey with Michelin Star chef Rodrigo de la Calle, in the San Miguel Market in Madrid, where it has been making a name for itself among the stalls of this touristy place. Over time its needs have also changed and that included a change in the branding of Paella Power, specifically the jars of Fondo de Paella that can be purchased in the establishment. This packaging had a flat color and different lines separating the different information spaces.

The new visual identity that we give to the jars is full of color. We respected the background color of each one of them but we added a title with the name of each Paella Fund, the Paella Power logo as the central axis of the piece and the different ingredients of each of the funds born from that logo.

⸺ Countryside, sea and mountains.

These are the different flavors that you can find in the Paella Bottoms. Each one has a characteristic color and ingredients that make it unique.

Each of the ingredients appears as an illustration, which gives a distinctive touch to this packaging.

⸺ Love for authenticity

Paella Power recipes are still made with the same recipes used to make paella in the past, without haste and taking care of every detail.

This philosophy also inspires the elements of the packaging, with a label focused on a “retro” style, making reference to the past.

⸺ Brand accompaniment

Thanks to the fact that we have been working with Paella Power for more than two years, we have also seen how the brand has grown and changed.

Rodrigo de la Calle was the one who asked us to change the packaging, as the ones they had at the time were no longer in line with the market stall itself.

⸺ Communication management

Además de este cambio de packaging, también llevamos las redes sociales de Paella Power.

Un trabajo al que dedicamos todas nuestras competencias, produciendo vídeos, Motion Graphics, edición de imagen, copywriting…

A passion for cooking in detail that is reflected in the brand's new packaging.

Miguel Ángel Escámez. Project Manager