Scenario creation – 3D printing

3D printing for the creation of scenarios

Additive technology, or 3D printing, is gaining more and more prominence in society. This makes it one of the pillars of the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’. 3D printing is fast, easy to edit and customise. This makes it the best solution in a wide range of situations, including the creation of scenery for advertising spots.
However, 3D printers have a maximum print size. It is necessary to know how to adapt your designs to these sizes depending on where you are going to print them. We also take into account values such as printing speed, minimum and maximum diameter of the extruder or “support” needed in our piece…
With 3D printing we can create all the sets we need for a specific project. In the images we can see the sets we used for the filming of Elastic Squad Warriors. This is just one of the examples in which 3D printing can be used, adapting to the demands and needs of each client. 
But it can not only be used in the creation of decorations, other fields such as jewellery or prototyping can also be covered thanks to the facilities that working with additive technology gives us. In Nebular, we believe from the beginning in the advantages of using 3D printing and we have been working with it for more than 4 years, offering different solutions to our customers.

Printing services 

We also offer 3D printing services for events such as weddings or communions. Having a perfect gift for the guests at the event. Something novel, inexpensive and can be personalised. We can also print objects such as pots in the shape of a brain, where plants grow through the holes generated in the print, or the iconic SuperMario tube, so we can have our own plant in such a characteristic container.
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