Todos los Elastic Squad juntos en un mapa

Tredimals from MundiCollections presents a variety of toy collections.

Tredimals is a series of collections designed for the most animal-loving children, Jungle vs Savannah, Sky vs Sea, Monkey Planet… The animal world is more than identified in all the MundiCollections collections. We can find models that glow in the dark and others that change colour when submerged in warm water. MundiCollections has a long history of collections on the market, which means that they can use this experience to create collections for everyone. Just take a look at their website. 

MundiCollections entrusted Nebular to carry out the web development and the different publications in networks for these collections. In addition, after a year, it was decided to extend the sales circle to Amazon, so it was also necessary to create specific designs for advertising in that market. To all this we must add the photography work that accompanied the launch of the production. 
We also worked on advertising spots for each of the brands, requiring an audiovisual production in accordance with each of the brands. Each collection has certain defined characteristics, so it is not enough to create a template for all the spots, but each one is different and personalised. This allows us to reach the widest possible audience. 
Monkey Planet Juguetes