Virens Barcelona. Rodrigo de la Calle’s restaurant that mixes the seasonality of food with a love of cooking.

Virens Restaurant is located on Barcelona’s Gran Vía. Its menu is dominated by vegetables, but there is also room for a wide selection of rice dishes and even meat and fish. All the products are organic and of the highest quality.

Virens Restaurant is one of the most iconic restaurants in the Catalan city. You can find it on Gran Vía, located at the foot of Almanac Hotels, and it offers a menu full of variety, and you can also choose from its Night Menu, Tasting Menu (Green Experience and Gastrobotánica) and its Weekly Menus by Rodrigo de la Calle, the latter changing every two weeks.

Terminando plato de restaurante
Miniatura de virens
Decorado de virens
Detalle de cocina de Virens
At Nebular we take care of the management of their social media as well as physical print jobs such as vouchers, gift cards, flyers, etc… For their networks we personally take care of regular photo shoots and the recording of some of the most iconic dishes of the restaurant. We also create the designs for the weekly menus, tasting menus and the evening menu. 
Virens Restaurant is concerned with a menu that is mostly made up of vegetables, as Rodrigo de la Calle’s philosophy dictates. With proximity 0 products and a menu that changes with the seasons, it offers unique dishes within its cuisine.