Rodrigo de la Calle. The Green Chef

To talk about Rodrigo de la Calle is to talk about love for cooking, recipe innovation, food experimentation and, in short, a green cuisine that is constantly growing.  And the fact is that the chef, with a Michelin Star and a Green Star to his credit, demonstrates his greatest passion every day: cooking. 
In charge of three restaurants, he is always committed to a cuisine of proximity 0 and always respecting the seasonality of food. His restaurants are: Virens Restaurante, located in Barcelona; El Invernadero, located in Calle Ponzano, Madrid and Paella Power by Rodrigo de la Calle, in the San Miguel market. Rodrigo counts on us for all his projects.  
This trust and the feedback offered by both parties, makes it possible for projects such as the rebranding of Paella Power or the management of Virens networks to be born. 
Each project, like each of its recipes, is treated with the greatest possible care, leaving our skin in creating innovative and striking solutions.
Rodrigo en el Campo enseñando esparrago

With a life devoted to cooking since he was just a child, Rodrigo de la Calle has always been committed to Green Haute Cuisine, and is one of the main advisors at Madrid Fusion, where Rodrigo de la Calle shows his new products and cuisine. It is also worth mentioning his participation in Fruit Attraction, where he represents Mimaflor, with whom he has a permanent collaboration due to its high quality products.

Rodrigo de la Calle con productos


Rodrigo de la Calle creates a very important brand: Gastrobotánica. Dedicated to the research of new species and the rescue of other forgotten or sometimes unknown varieties of the plant kingdom. As well as the study of the different components of plants for use and applications in the kitchen. Plants such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits or seeds.